Name Translation Part of Speech
answee- To speak together as one
maawatoo- gather it together, put it together v.tran.inan
kiiyaahkwee- do wrong, sin, be wicked
payankohsee- he or she walks alone, separates from the group
wanankohsee- walk separately, scatter
soopaakisi- Misbehave
miiki- s/he gives
aalakoontawee- s/he climbs a ladder, staircase
kahkaciwee- s/he climbs a hill
makišiwee- Bark (like a dog)
ahkišinomi- be in pain, in labor
pehcih- take him for someone else, beat/kill him mistakenly
pehtaw- mistake him for someone else
pehtantam- Eat it by mistake v.tran.inan
pehcininaw- mistake him for someone else