Name Translation Part of Speech
mihši-kinohšami- Sea otter (Enhydra lutris)
wiipihšalw- Elderberry (Sambucus Canadensis) n.inan
kociyohkam- Try to deal with, work it out v.tran.inan
šikaakwa siipiiw- Des Plaines River (Illinois) n.inan
piikamihtanwi siipiiw- Great Kanahwa River (West Virginia) n.inan
waapihtank- White Creek (Oklahoma) n.inan
miišiminaakosi- be accustomed to
eeh- where, when part
anehwion- Prize n.inan
-mehšoomaky- man's father-in-law
ahšal- give out food to people
wayaakaham- To stir it, stir it up v.tran.inan
mehkwaalantee- It is purple v.inan.intran
aanhkwiniikion- Linking the generations n.inan
niišohkoteewi- have two fires, two households