Name Translation Part of Speech
moošw- Cut his hair
napaliahkonci On one side adv
taahsonki On this side adv
alikalakonci Beyond, on the far side adv
alikonci Further off, in that direction, yonder, on the other side adv
mananconci Left (side) adv
lenanconci Right, to the right adv
kalonteenam- kindle it (fire) v.tran.inan
pootawahw- make a fire for him
aalolee- the fire fails to burn, does not start v.inan.intran
pahkwaalee- the fire blazes, it is on fire v.inan.intran
noontaahkwee- it makes noise v.inan.intran
wiiyaakilee- it burns happily v.inan.intran
wiiyaakiteeheelee- it burns happily, burns giving joy v.inan.intran
pehkwaleenam- make it (the fire) blaze up, kindle it v.tran.inan