Navigating the site

Aacimwahkionkonci is intended to allow users multiple entry points into the archives.

Currently, the database is a repository of land transactions. For each document, key variables are recorded, such as a buyer, a seller, a price, and so on. Each person involved also has their information recorded, such as their ethnicity, gender, and known aliases. And, each place related to a transaction also receives its own record, which can include information such as a county or state location, acreage, or legal restrictions associated with that place.

Some users may wish to browse the database. Others, perhaps researchers, may want to search for specific information.

Still others may begin using the geospatial hub, a map-based way to browse information and learn about places. The geospatial hub is a space in which geographers and cartographers use and interpret the database of land transactions, as well as other datasets, such as ecological information or Myaamia placenames.

Lastly, some users may interact with the digitized documents themselves using an associated archival site, CONTENTdm. This site is maintained through the Miami University libraries and holds digital surrogates of research materials. Users can access CONTENTdm directly via this link , or, through the “related documents” field for any database entry, if applicable.