The Sources

As this project develops, more and more primary sources will be available for view. These will be linked to each place, person, or event under the heading “Related Documents,” which takes users to CONTENTdm, a digital collection software used by libraries and archives. Users interested in the citations for specific materials can consult the CONTENTdm acimwahkionkonci collection. Or, place, person, and event pages include source citations. For example, the 1826 Treaty at the Mississinewa page is a dataset of variables found in the original source, cited as 7 Stat., 300, or, the seventh volume of “The United States Statutes at Large,” page 300.

Sources integrated into the site include

  • All treaties signed by the Miami Nation and ratified by the United States Senate
  • biographical information in Dorey and Ironstrack, keehkaapiisšamenki: A History of the Allotment of Miami Lands in Indian Territory (2015)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs-Miami Agency
  • National Archives, Fort Worth
  • Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records

Currently, the team is digitizing, transcribing, and creating metadata for about 3,000 photos of documents from the Washington, D.C. branch of the National Archives, collected by Cam Shriver and Doug Peconge. These will include Myaamia-specific data from: