Place: Parcel

  • Place ID: R0180001
    Title: Revarre, Antoine Jr. (Šowaapinamwa) East half
  • Parent Place ID: R018
    Source: NARA, Indian deeds, vol. 4
    Acreage: N/A
  • State: Indiana
    County: Adams

  • This indenture describes the sale of land from Cho-a-pin-a-mois (Alias Anthony Revard, son of Anthony Rivarre) and his wife Kil-oi-qua to James G. Godfroy for the sum of $1200. The land to be sold is described as " the upper or E. section of the 2 sections (lying upon the St. Mary's River at the mouth of the 27 mile creek in Adams County) which was granted to the children of Anthony Rivorre by the treaty ... made by Lewis Cass, Benjamine Parke, and Johnathan Jennings at the St. Mary's, 1818-10-06. The sale was approved by Millard Fillmore 1850-10-29.


Land Transaction

Sale of Land, Cho-a-pin-a-mois (Alias Anthony Revard) to James G. Godfroy. 04 June, 1839

June 4, 1839

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