Place: Reserve

  • Place ID: R0110002
    Title: Godfroy Petite Prairie Reserve
  • Parent Place ID: R0110000
    Source: N/A
    Acreage: N/A
  • State: Indiana
    County: N/A
  • Royce Number: N/A
    Royce Map Title: N/A
  • Transcription:
    1834 Treaty: "The United States agree to cause patents in fee simple to issue to the following named persons, for the several tracts of land attached to their names, granted to them by former treaties, to wit: To Francis Godfroy, for four sections of land on the Salamany river, granted him at treaty of St. Mary's of 1818, being the residue of what he now holds of said grant.

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Legal Category:
  • Fee Simple
    Start Date: 10-23-1834

  • Godfroy sold two of six sections to the U.S. in 1827.



1834 Treaty at the Forks of the Wabash

October 23, 1834

TREATY WITH THE MIAMI, 1834. Oct. 23, 1834. | 7 Stat., 458. | 7 Stat., 463. | Proclamation, Dec. 22, 1837. Articles of a treaty between the United States and the Miami tribe of Indians, concluded at the Forks of the Wabash, in the State of Indiana, on the 23d day of October, 1834, by and between William Marshall, commissioner of the United States, and the chiefs and warriors of said tribe. ARTICLE 1. The Miami tribe of Indians agree to cede to the United States the following described t...

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