Person: Mary Richardville, Myaamia Name: Mar-Ton-Ah

  • Nationality: Myaamia
    Family Group: Flour
  • ID: 1176
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: Year 1839
    Location of Birth: N/A
    Date of Death: Knw 01-25-1908
    Location of Death: N/A
  • Biography/Notes:
    Born before the removal from Indiana, Martonah's exact ancestry is un- confirmed, though it appears she was a relative of Charles Welch and that her family came from the Eel River village in Indiana. She received an allotment in Kansas when she was married to Marcus Lindsey. After Mr. Lindsey's death in 1867, Martonah married Thomas Richardville in Paola, Kansas. Together, they had three children: Hannah, Catherine, and Charles. About ten years her elder, Thomas outlived Mary by just three years; she was sixty-nine years old when she passed.

  • Marcus' wife
  • Mary Lindsey Richardville


Year 1839

1854 Treaty at Washington

June 5, 1854

Treaty with The Miami. June 5, 1854 Articles of agreement and convention made and concluded at the city of Washington, this fifth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four, between George W. Manypenny, commissioner on the part of the United States, and the following-named delegates representing the Miami tribe of Indians, viz: Nah-we-lan-quah, or Big Legs; Ma-cat-a-chin-quah, or Little Doctor; Lan-a-pin-cha, or Jack Hackley; So-ne-lan-gish-eah, or John Bowrie; and Wan-zop-e-ah; th...

1889 Allotment

March 2, 1889

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatires of the United States of America in Congressa ssembled, That the provisions of chapter One hundred and Nineteen of the acts of eighteen hundred and eighty seven, entitled "An act to provide for the allotment of lands in severalty to Indians on the various reservations,and to extend the protection of the laws of the United States and the Territories over the Indians, and for other purposes," are hereby declared to extend to and are made app...


January 25, 1908