Person: Mary Wells Wolcott, Myaamia Name: Amehkoonsihkwa

  • Nationality: Myaamia
    Family Group:
  • ID: 217
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: Year 1800
    Location of Birth: Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Date of Death: Knw 02-19-1843
    Location of Death: Maumee, Ohio
  • Biography/Notes:
    Amehkoonsihkwa (Mary ‘Polly’ Wells) was born in kiihkayonki in 1800. Her father was Eepiihkanita (Capt. William Wells) and her mother was Wanangapeth* (aka Sweet Breeze). Polly’s mother had passed while Polly was still young and her father was killed assisting with the evacuation of Fort Dearborn in 1812. With both parents gone, Polly spent time with relatives in Kentucky for a time but eventually went to live with family in St. Charles, MO around 1817. In 1818 Polly received a section of land in the Treaty of St. Mary’s which was located near Delphi, IN. She married James Wolcott March 8, 1821 in St. Charles County, MO at the age of 21. By 1824 Polly and her husband had moved to Allen County, IN and by 1826 they traveled down the Maumee River on a large raft where they settled in Maumee, OH. They eventually built a house on the banks of the Maumee River which still stands today. Polly died February 19, 1843. Her home remains on a portion of her original property that is today the headquarters of the Maumee Valley Historical Society. There are many descendants of Polly and James still living in the Midwest and active with the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. (primary source: Crawford, Rachael B., The First Lady of the Wolcott House) Biography submitted by Daryl Baldwin, 2022.
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  • Polly Wells
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Year 1800

Fort Wayne, Indiana

1818 Treaty at St. Mary's

October 6, 1818

Articles of a treaty made and concluded, at St. Mary's, in the State of Ohio, between Jonathan Jennings, Lewis Cass, and Benjamin Parke, Commissioners of the United States, and the Miame nation of Indians. ARTICLE 1. The Miami nation of Indians cede to the United States the following tract of country: Beginning at the Wabash river, where the present Indian boundary line crosses the same, near the mouth of Raccoon creek; thence, up the Wabash river, to the reserve at its head, near Fort Wayne; ...


February 19, 1843

Maumee, Ohio