Person: Oscar LaFalier

  • Nationality: Myaamia
    Family Group: LaFalier
  • ID: 2584
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Knw 02-14-1867
    Location of Birth: Indiana
    Date of Death: Knw 07-22-1953
    Location of Death: N/A
  • Biography/Notes:
    Oscar LaFalier was the son of Peter and Mary (Beck) LaFalier. Peter was one of the few who made the removal voyage with the Myaamia from Indiana and again moved from Kansas to Indian Territory. However, he died in 1884, before the individual allotments were made. Peter had nine children, with five receiving Miami allotments. Oscar was the eldest of these five siblings. He was born in Miami County, Kansas, and came with his family to Indian Territory as a young boy. He married Nellie Alexander in 1892 and had two children, Mary Irene and Forrest Lee. The LaFalier's lived in Cheto- pa, Kansas, for a short time before moving to Miami, Oklahoma. Oscar was a barber by trade and had a shop in the basement of the First National Bank. He officially retired from his barber shop in 1934, after thirty years of business. As a widower, Oscar kept himself busy by selling magazines and publications in the lobby of the Hotel Main and traveling often to visit his son in Amarillo. Oscar also remained active as a leader in the Tribe, serving as secretary for several years. After a flood devastated Miami in 1951, Oscar moved west to Colorado and then on to California to be near his daughter Mary. For a short time, he was a barber at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
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