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Gatschet (236) (written) nila tayatchima I talk about somebody
Gatschet (236) (written) núthäma sg. (grandchild)
Gatschet (236) (written) nila ayalthúkalak I tell stories repeatedly
Gatschet (236) (written) äkwa the end, also is obj.
Gatschet (236) (written) the simple form of ayalthúkalak(a) would probably be althúkalaka—. see althukiani card, and 525. 202,7.
Gatschet (236) (written) instead of tayal-, write ndáyal-
Gatschet (236) (written) Wissakačakwa's name is, as to its origin, alluded to in 437, 5: 'what he has seen others doing, he tries to do himself,' after this he was called so.
Gatschet (236) (written) mazána spool of thread; thread
Gatschet (236) (written) mazanaki pl. (spools of thread)
Gatschet (236) (written) --mazána-- --really means-- hard to break
Gatschet (236) (written) mazanikínwi called so because tough
Gatschet (236) (written) mazanapíkwa rope
Gatschet (236) (written) mazanikani tent
Gatschet (236) (written) nila wapámak(a) I look at him
Gatschet (236) (written) nila kⁱätwi túki káti shilínita said: (I wonder) what (future) was to do