Place: Reserve

  • Place ID: R0220000
    Title: Mihšihkinaahkwa Reserve
  • Parent Place ID: 1
    Source: Stat. L, VII, 189; Bureau of Land Management
    Acreage: 697.3912
  • State: Indiana
    County: Huntington
  • Royce Number: N/A
    Royce Map Title: N/A
  • Transcription:
    To Meshenoqua or the Little Turtle, one section of land, on the southside of the Wabash, where the portage path strikes the same. 

Legal Category:
  • Requires President Approval to Sell
    Start Date: 10-06-1818

  • N/A



1818 Treaty at St. Mary's

October 6, 1818

Articles of a treaty made and concluded, at St. Mary's, in the State of Ohio, between Jonathan Jennings, Lewis Cass, and Benjamin Parke, Commissioners of the United States, and the Miame nation of Indians. ARTICLE 1. The Miami nation of Indians cede to the United States the following tract of country: Beginning at the Wabash river, where the present Indian boundary line crosses the same, near the mouth of Raccoon creek; thence, up the Wabash river, to the reserve at its head, near Fort Wayne; ...

Land Transaction

1839 Mihšihkinaahkwa Will

August 17, 1839

Meshenequah, August 17 1839 The last will and testament of Me-she-ne-quah made on the 17th day of August 1839. I Shea-a-na-qua being in my proper mind and being desirous of settling my earthly affairs before my spirit leaves its present state of existence do as my last act and deed bequeath to my only child ______ [blank] all my estate both real and personal after my debts are paid and furthermore do as my last will in case of the decease of child leave and bequeath all my property both re...

Land Transaction

1840 Richardville siblings to Hamilton

March 22, 1840

The reserve "was bequeathed by the will of the said Meshenaquah (alias Me she nae quah) now deceased to Nottawaquah the wife of John B. Richardville chief of the Miami Indians and the mother of the said Susan Maria Louisa and Katherine or Katese Ricahrdville & grandmother the said Joseph Richardvill who are the heirs at law of the said Notteqaquah"...

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