Place: Treaty Cession

  • Place ID: 351
    Title: Royce Area 49
  • Parent Place ID: 1
    Source: Stat. L, VII, 91
    Acreage: N/A
  • Treaty Citation: Stat. L, VII, 91; Stat. L, VII, 81
    Royce Number: 49
    Royce Map Title: Indiana
  • Transcription:
    "The Putawatimies, Miami, Eel River, and Wea tribes, explicitly acknowledge the right of the Delawares to sell the tract of land conveyed to the United States by the treaty of the eighteenth day of August, eighteen hundred and four, which tract was given by the Piankashaws to the Delawares, about thirty-seven years ago."

  • This is a Miami acknowledgement of the Delaware cession of Royce Area 49 in southern Indiana in the Delaware-U.S. treaty of 1804 at Vincennes.



1805 Treaty at Grouseland

August 21, 1805

TREATY WITH THE DELAWARES, ETC., 1805. Aug. 21, 1805. | 7 Stat., 91. | Proclamation, Apr. 24. 1806. A treaty between the United States of America, and the tribes of Indians called the Delawares, Pottawatimies, Miames, Eel, River, and Weas. ARTICLES of a treaty made and entered into, at Grouseland, near Vincennes, in the Indiana territory, by and between William Henry Harrison, governor of said territory, superintendent of Indian affairs, and commissioner plenipotentiary of the United Stat...

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