Place: Allotment

  • Place ID: KS140
    Title: Seehkaahkohkwa allotment
  • Parent Place ID: 2
    Source: 10 Stat., 1093.
    Acreage: N/A
  • County: Linn
    State: Kansas
    Family Group: N/A
  • Allotment Number: 140
    Accession Number: KS4370__.140
    Document Type: STA

Legal Category:
  • Requires President Approval to Sell
    Start Date: 06-05-1854

  • N/A

Map File:
  • JSON_KS_1854.geojson
  • Latitude: 38.3727487
    Longitude: -94.7674041



1854 Treaty at Washington

June 5, 1854

Treaty with The Miami. June 5, 1854 Articles of agreement and convention made and concluded at the city of Washington, this fifth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four, between George W. Manypenny, commissioner on the part of the United States, and the following-named delegates representing the Miami tribe of Indians, viz: Nah-we-lan-quah, or Big Legs; Ma-cat-a-chin-quah, or Little Doctor; Lan-a-pin-cha, or Jack Hackley; So-ne-lan-gish-eah, or John Bowrie; and Wan-zop-e-ah; th...