Place: Reserve

  • Place ID: R0250000
    Title: Mary Wells Reserve
  • Parent Place ID: 1
    Source: N/A
    Acreage: 681.3500
  • State: Indiana
    County: Carroll
  • Royce Number: N/A
    Royce Map Title: N/A
  • Transcription:
    To Mary Wells, a half-blooded Miami, one section of land, at the mouth of Stoney creek, on the southeast side of the Wabash river, the centre of which shall be at the mouth of said creek, running with the meanders thereof, up and down the Wabash river, one half mile, and thence back for quantity.

Legal Category:
  • Requires President Approval to Sell
    Start Date: 10-06-1818

  • Reserve No. 57 Case Reserve no. 57 belonged to Mary Wells, the case file was marked as missing by J.I. Christianey in June 1885. Mary Wells, along with her siblings, were granted about 640 acres of land each in the St. Mary’s Treaty of 1818. Her siblings were listed in a letter as: Ann Turner (reserve no. 54), Rebecca Hackley (reserve no. 55), and William Wayne Wells (reserve no. 56). After her case was marked missing by Christianey in 1885, there was eventually a document from September 1905 that was placed in the case file. This document also applies to reserve no.54, reserve no. 55, and reserve no. 56. In this letter, James M. Walcott wrote to the Acting Commissioner of Indian Affairs where he claimed that his grandfather was William Wells and that he wants to know information about if the reserves of Wells’ children (Mary Wells, Ann Turner, Rebecca Hackley, and William Wayne Wells) were ever given patents and if the president ever gave approval to any of them to sell their land. Case Summaries researched and written by Alexa Lawhorn, Miami University, autumn 2021



1818 Treaty at St. Mary's

October 6, 1818

Articles of a treaty made and concluded, at St. Mary's, in the State of Ohio, between Jonathan Jennings, Lewis Cass, and Benjamin Parke, Commissioners of the United States, and the Miame nation of Indians. ARTICLE 1. The Miami nation of Indians cede to the United States the following tract of country: Beginning at the Wabash river, where the present Indian boundary line crosses the same, near the mouth of Raccoon creek; thence, up the Wabash river, to the reserve at its head, near Fort Wayne; ...

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