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Heckewelder (written) Vocabulary of the Shawanese language
Heckewelder (written) Shawano Words
Heckewelder (written) taken down by means of a White Woman who had been 20 Years a Prisoner with that Nation.
Heckewelder (written) J.H.
Heckewelder (written) By the Rev. John Heckewelder
Heckewelder (written) knepiquo snake a snake kineepikwa
Heckewelder (written) kikunechsa fish a fish kiihkoneehsa
Heckewelder (written) kichtschigámi great lake, ocean, sea a lake kihcikami
Heckewelder (written) wikiami house, lodge, wickiup a house wiikiaami
Heckewelder (written) alinta some, part of some aalinta
Heckewelder (written) gutewi fire fire koteewi
Heckewelder (written) mannetwa snow snow manetwa
Heckewelder (written) pitelanwe it rains rain peetilaanki
Heckewelder (written) tschingwe thunder thunder ciinkwia
Heckewelder (written) mattãtswachque 1000