Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
Michelson (written) mīlī́lᴀn I give to you I give you
Michelson (written) mīlīlṓ Give to me! Give thou me!
Michelson (written) mīlīkṓ Give (pl.) to me! Give ye me!
Michelson (written) mīlītᵃ‘ he gives me
Michelson (written) nimīlikwa‘ he gives me
Michelson (written) mīlātciki they gave me (= they who give him)
Michelson (written) nimīlikōkī́ they give me
Michelson (written) kiwâpᴀmikunānᴀkī́ they looked at us (incl.)
Michelson (written) pyā́ta‘ he is coming
Michelson (written) pyä́wa‘ he is coming
Michelson (written) pyäwâkī́ they are coming
Michelson (written) pyā́tciki they are coming
Michelson (written) pyäto‘säwá‘ he com[es]
Michelson (written) ‘apitosäwá‘ he walked on
Michelson (written) ‘Alimo‘säwá‘ he walked yonder