Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
Michelson (written) kimīlikwá‘ he gave thee
Michelson (written) kimīlikowá‘ he gave you pl.
Michelson (written) kimīlikōkī́ they gave you ?? [ck: can't read] s.
Michelson (written) kimīlikowakī́ they gave you pl.
Michelson (written) nibᴀkᴀmáⁿ I struck him
Michelson (written) nibᴀkᴀmakī́ I struck them
Michelson (written) kipᴀkᴀmíⁿ thou struck me
Michelson (written) kipᴀkᴀmímwaⁿ ye struck me
Michelson (written) päkamitciki they who struck me
Michelson (written) päkamiyᴀmindjiki they who struck us
Michelson (written) nimälwälímaⁿ I think well of him
Michelson (written) kimälwälimilé I think well of thee
Michelson (written) hilíndji they are told, called he was/they were told
Michelson (written) wendámᴀwâka‘ I tell him about it I informed him, her (participial really: hence vowel change) weentamawaki
Michelson (written) niwindᴀmawấ I informed him, her